Simply put, I have a passion for people and the visual arts. I love nothing more than spending time with my clients and getting to know them. It's an incredibly rewarding experience for me to be asked to capture special moments in their lives, create a one of a kind piece of art, or a custom decorative finish that welcomes them home every day.

I shoot in natural light and have a documentary photography style. I want my images to tell a story. My favorite shots are candids of people just being themselves. Especially kids.  I like to let them do their thing while I chase them around. I want my clients to relax and forget I have a camera pointed at them and just hang out with me for awhile. 

I have worked in the decorative art realm for over 30 years (yikes!), starting with personal projects and then having the privilege of working with many talented artists to hone my skills.  

My current canvas work is acrylic mixed-media, but that is always subject to change as I am a curious sort when it comes to materials. I just go where my heart steers me. 

I am also a certified Reiki practitioner and internationally certified coach because I just can't stop myself. I believe in the power of energy and our connection to one another and I am passionate about helping others and myself and learning all the things.

Because I am a nature/animal lover, I am often found taking in the sunshine, staring at trees, birds, bugs, water, and snuggling with my dog, Emma Lou, or my clients pets while waiting for paint to dry.